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With every ill wind; there blows some good

Disenfranchised Mexican and African-American communities and their citizens, lacking in education, lacking in good paying jobs and devoid of opportunity to grow and prosper as ordinary human beings, represent a problem to America and the world.

To add insult to this injury, society’s indifference to their plight seems to foster crime as their primary ticket out. This results in crumbling, crime-ridden communities and valuable resources spent in more police, sheriffs, courts, judges, and overcrowded prisons.

How can we reverse this trend? First, a good education is the most important ingredient to empower the disenfranchised. Second, the ability to communicate is crucial in a multicultural society. Therefore, as we tackle the impediment to knowledge, we English speakers need to embrace Spanish, while providing an equal learning process for Spanish speakers to embrace English. In our society, the majority of our food processing from hoe to harvest, and beyond is performed by Spanish speakers who also do our cleaning, child care, adult care and staff our hospitals.

One solution comes from an overlooked application of old technologies, using “programmable display panels” as “electronic flash cards” (EFC) which use little or no energy and require no change in user behavior. The operation of the device will be continuous and its effect will serve to dramatically increase learning of basic math, science, history, English structure and vocabulary skills, preparing children to continue school, mitigating the main reason for dropping out.

As an American, I would like to see the manufacturing and programming of these devices (EFCs) take place in America, by Americans and for Americans. The making and use of this device could help reverse the education deficit and provide good-paying jobs in communities that need them. It is my hope that this two-pronged approach toward education and employment could serve as an example that could be replicated throughout America.